Business & Corporate Law

Business Law

Salvatori, Wood, Buckel, Carmichael & Lottes provides a wide array of legal services that help your business stay ahead of the marketplace.

Businesses have three main areas that must run smoothly in order for the businesses to be successful and profitable. The first aspect is the operation of the business itself. Whether your business involves selling a widget you invented, developing communities, or running a restaurant, those are the areas you and your key employees need to be concentrating your efforts. The other two areas deal with the legal and tax issues that arise in the day-to-day operation of the business. Salvatori, Wood, Buckel, Carmichael & Lottes is here to assist you with the legal and tax issues to free you up to do what you do best, which is running the business. We often work with other professional advisors (CPAs and Financial Advisors) and believe in a team approach to accomplishing the best solutions for our clients.

From entity formation to contract negotiations to general business succession planning, we can assist with many legal issues facing your business whether your company is a start up entity, one that is well established or whether you are in the process of buying or selling a particular business. We are also here in good times and bad and can assist with some of the more difficult issues such as shareholder disputes and corporate workout arrangements.

Corporations / Limited Liability Companies / Partnerships

Just about anyone can file a corporation or other entity online using a simple form. However, selecting the right entity structure for your business is a critical first step on the road to a successful and profitable business. Salvatori, Wood, Buckel, Carmichael & Lottes has experienced attorneys who can guide you in this process from both a legal and tax standpoint. We are familiar with a multitude of options and will help you to select the best structure for your business. More importantly, we will advise you on the important legal and tax issues rather than simply provide you with a document or corporate book so that you can make intelligent business decisions. Finally, we can assist with or provide guidance on annual state and tax compliance issues so that your company is operated properly.

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