Tax Exempt Organizations

The Internal Revenue Code and the rules and regulations governing public charities and other not-for-profit organizations are constantly changing and becoming more and more complex. The primary focus of the charity is not tiptoeing through the various landmines hidden in the tax code and federal and state laws, but rather to make sure it can continue to carry out its mission from day to day. Salvatori, Wood & Buckel is here to assist the tax-exempt and/or not-for-profit organization with these legal and tax compliance issues.

Further, although the name tax-exempt and/or not-for-profit organization implies that the goal of the organization is not to make a profit or provide dividends to its shareholders, it does not mean that well run tax-exempt or not-for-profit organizations do not operate like any other successful for-profit business. Another service Salvatori, Wood, Buckel, Carmichael & Lottes provides is legal counsel and assistance to tax-exempt or not-for-profit organizations on keeping sound business practices and ensuring fiscal responsibility. This service can include advising the organization and its board members with respect to fiduciary liability issues and other similar concerns typically associated with tax-exempt or not-for-profit organizations.

Salvatori, Wood, Buckel, Carmichael & Lottes can assist your organization from formation stages through operation. We can assist you with the legal formation of the entity, obtaining tax-exempt status for your organization and perhaps more importantly making sure your organization keeps its tax exempt status.

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